"This dude's out to prove that District 4 is most certainly not the weakest career district. He's the strongest tribute in the arena, and all other tributes have learned to fear him, even his own allies."
Age 18
Occupation Tribute
Home District 4
Gender Male
Height 6'2
Weapon Sword, Throwing Ax
Fate Deceased
Matthew was from District 4 in the 89th Hunger Games. His district partner was Amina.


As soon as he was arrived, the capitol adored him. He was larger, more muscular, and more intimidating than any other tribute. He was deadly in combat, and would not spare a single soul from his sword. This attitude got him a major score of 11, giving him odds of 3-1 along with Amina, who got the same score and odds.

The GamesEdit

The BloodbathEdit

Matthew participated in the bloodbath. He charged into the cornucopia, arriving shortly after Drake arrived. He picked up a sword, and began to rampage. His first target was the distracted District 3 Male, who was fighting over a sleeping bag with the District 11 Female. He threw him over a crate, before slashing the boy over and over. Matthew found the District 8 Female hiding. He grabbed her by the throat and choke slammed her to the ground, walking away as Petunia finished the girl off. The only tribute gutsy enough to fight Matthew was the District 11 Male. He charged Matthew, but Matthew easily dispatched him by stabbing him in the heart. He and Amina both saved Raylee from being butchered by the 8 Male, before Amina finished the boy off with a trident.

The GamesEdit

Amina lead the careers hunting that night, and Matthew went into the plan. They caught the 7 female in a tree, which Marvin killed by throwing spears at her. He didn't do anything noticeable until the 4th Night, where he and his fellow careers trapped Drake up on a rock.

Matthew sucessfully hit Drake in the side with his throwing ax, and began to wait for Matthew to go down. He joined in song with Amina and the others as they waited for Drake to bleed out.

Matthew awoke when Drake slit Josh's throat. He chased Drake down the hill, but Drake escaped and Matthew and the surviving careers returned back to the cornucopia. The sixth day wasn't much better for Matthew, as Ivory was killed by poisoned water.

On the 8th Day, Amina lead Matthew, Raylee, and Marvin towards a smoke plume. However, it was a forest fire. Matthew, Amina, and Marvin quickly escaped, however Raylee wasn't as lucky and drowned. Marvin began to question Amina's judgement, but Matthew shut him up with an intimidating glare.

During the feast, Matthew killed the boy from 5. He achieved a whole set of body armor.


On the 12th night, a fully armored Matthew attacked Drake. He was a strong fighter, breaking Drake's spear and broadsword. He disarmed Drake from his machete after Drake sliced his eyes. He pinned Drake and nearly killed him, but Drake electrocuted him with a high voltage Tazer he achieved from the 5 Male's feast bag. Overall, he placed 4th out of 24.