"With only 3 careers left, Marvin wasn't going to last much longer. His death wasn't quiet shocking, as he abandoned the careers to try and win alone."
―Betting Guide[src]
Age 17
Occupation Tribute
Home District 1
Gender Male
Height 6'3
Weapon Spear, Kukri
Fate Deceased
Appearances 89th Hunger Games
Mentioned 90th Hunger Games
Marvin was the male tribute from District 1 in the 89th Hunger Games. His district partner was Petunia.


He proved he was deadly enough to get a 9, higher than the average career score of 8. Compared to Matthew, Raylee, and Amina's scores, Marvin was thought to die before the three.

The GamesEdit

The BloodbathEdit

Marvin scored the first kill of the games by impaling the District 12 Female with a thrown spear. Throughout the bloodbath, it assumed he tried to get more kills, but he wasn't mentioned after his only bloodbath kill until the first night.

Second DayEdit

Late on the second day, Marvin followed the careers into the forest after rainfall. He scored another kill by throwing spears into the District 7 Female who was hiding in a tree.

Day 4Edit

After presumably hunting for Day 3, the fourth day was eventful for Marvin. After trapping Drake on a boulder, he and the careers camped out under him waiting to kill.

Day 5Edit

Before the sun rose, Drake snuck down and slit Josh's throat. Marvin was the third to react, stabbing at Drake with his spear. Drake dodged his attack and began sprinting away. Marvin's district partner Petunia caught Drake, but was killed in a struggle shortly afterwards. After losing track of Drake and losing 2 careers, the remaining 5 careers went back to the cornucopia.

Days 6-8Edit

Marvin witnessed the death of Ivory who drank the career's poisoned water supply. After searching for who did it, Raylee drowned after being caught in a forest fire. Down to 3 careers, Marvin began to doubt Amina's leadership, but Matthew shut him up before he got to express his opinion.

Day 9/DeathEdit

It is assumed that he left the careers while they slept on Day 9's morning, or he decided to hunt for tributes before they woke. After hiding in the woods and possibly causing the death of the District 12 Male, Marvin ambushed Alexandria who was seeking Drake. About to end her life, Drake came in and battled with Marvin. Although he was a more competent fighter, Drake outsmarted Marvin and incapicitated him. However, Marvin played dead, until Drake was distracted. He sprang back up, hurling a spear at Drake. However, Alexandria took it instead, as Drake turned around and threw a knife into Marvin's forehead, killing him instantly. Overall, he placed 8th out of 24, outliving 2/3 of his competitors.


  • Marvin was the 2nd tallest tribute, behind the District 10 Male.
  • Marvin outlived his female counterpart and the District 2 tributes, which District 1 tributes don't do often.