Age 16
Occupation Tribute
Home District 2
Gender Male
Height 6'0
Weapon Mace
Fate Deceased
Appearances 89th Hunger Games
Josh was the male tribute from District 2 in the 89th Hunger Games. His district partner was Raylee.


Josh scored a 9, lower than his district partner Raylee.

The GamesEdit

The BloodbathEdit

Josh made it to the cornucopia some time after Drake. He grabbed a mace, and attempted to kill the District 3 Female. She escaped him, so he looked for someone else. He saw the District 6 Male lying on the ground with cut up legs. Josh cracked the boy's skull, killing him. He survived the bloodbath.

Day 2-4Edit

Josh assisted the careers throughout these days, however he didn't manage to kill anyone else.


Josh was killed on Day 5. While sleeping the farthest away from his allies, Drake targeted him, slitting his throat while he slept. His death woke the careers, as they chased after Drake. He placed 14th out of 24.


  • He was the first career to die.
  • He was the first antagonist of any games to die.