The Final stats of a games. Shows how each tribute died, who killed them, when they died, and who won the games.

*-Indicates the tribute was thought to have died but is still alive at the end of the games.

89th Hunger GamesEdit

Placing Tribute Killer How Day
24th District 12 Female Marvin Speared 1
23rd District 7 Male Drake Stabbed 1
22nd District 3 Male Matthew Slashed over and over 1
21st District 8 Female Petunia Finished off with a stab 1
20th Delilah Peters Amina Trident in the back 1
19th District 6 Male Josh Head smashed 1
18th District 10 Female Raylee Skull cracked 1
17th District 11 Male Matthew Stabbed in heart 1
16th District 8 Male Amina Impaled with trident 1
15th District 7 Female Marvin Speared twice 2
14th Josh Drake Slit throat 5
13th Petunia Drake Neck snapped 5
12th Ivory Alexandria Poisoned 6
11th District 3 Female Raylee Shot in the head 7
10th *Raylee Water Drowned 8
9th District 12 Male ??? Unknown 9
8th Marvin Drake Knife to the throat 9
7th Alexandria Marvin Spear to the chest 9
6th District 5 Male Matthew Mutilated by sword. 10
5th District 10 Male Amina Stabbed in the back 10
4th Matthew Drake Electrocuted 12
3rd District 11 Female ??? Unknown 13
2nd Amina Drake Fell to her death 14
Victor Drake N/A N/A 14

90th Hunger GamesEdit