Emilia Oswald
Major Protagonist
Nemesis of Elias
Basic Statistics
Gender Female
Godly Parent Zeus
Age 14
Eye Color Teal Blue
Hair Color Red
Height 5'6
Personality Witty, clever, but friendly, Emilia is extremely brave and daring, but also isn't afraid to put herself before others.
Strength(s) Agile, fast, electrokinesis, resisting charm, friendly, good with weapons, aerokinesis, flying
Weakness(s) Loyalty, accepting loss, water
Weapon(s) Trident, Aerokinesis, Electrokinesis, Sword
Status Alive
Killer N/A
Allies Blake Rywell, Aria Westbrook, Caroline Collins, Brooklyn Sanders, Charon, Isaac Riverfall
Enemies Elias De Leone, Marvel, Steele, Raid, Blade
"My life flashed before my eyes, and internally, it made my cry. I had made so many mistakes, had so many regrets. If I just died right here, right now, they would all slip away."
―Emilia, Chapter 13 of An Unlikely Alliance: Evil Awakened

Emilia Oswald is a major protagonist in An Unlikely Alliance: Evil Awakened. She is the nemesis of the main anatagonist, Elias De Leone.


Emilia has choppy, straight red hair that falls just past her neck. Her eyes, like most children of Zeus, are blue, but Emilia's eyes have a twinge of teal in them. Due to most children of Zeus not having red hair, Emilia stands out from other kids in the camp. She has a leaner build, which allows her to run faster and be more agile than most kids. She stands at 5'7, which makes her taller then most girls, but shorter than most guys.

An Unlikely AllianceEdit

Evil AwakenedEdit










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