Elias De Leone
Elias De Leone
Major Antagonist
Nemesis of Emilia
Basic Statistics
Gender Male
Godly Parent The Salmon King
Age 15
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Height 5'9
Personality Sly and elusive, sharp as a knife, Elias is a determined and cold and charming killer with no remorse at all.
Strength(s) Physically fit, good with weapons, charm, schemes, strength, can breathe underwater.
Weakness(s) Arrogance, major target
Weapon(s) Spear, Knife, Trident, Shield
Status Alive
Killer N/A
Allies Marvel, Salmon King, Steele, Raid, Blade
Enemies Emilia Oswald, Blake Rywell, Aria Westbrook, Brooklyn Sanders, Charon, Isaac
Elias De Leone is a major antagonist in An Unlikely Alliance: Evil Awakened. He is the nemesis of the main character and protagonist, Emilia Oswald.


Elias is a handsome, tanned boy with dark hair and eyes. Very fit and muscular, attractive to most girls. His looks make it easy for his charm to work out.

Evil AwakenedEdit