Drake Samerus
Age 17
Occupation Tribute
Home District 9
Gender Male
Height 6'1
Weapon Machete, Knife, Spear
Fate Alive

Drake Samerus was the district partner of Delilah Peters in the 89th Games. Overall, she placed TBA out of 24 tributes. He is the first protagonist of YourFavoriteSalmon's fanfiction series.


Drake Samerus was born the year the 72nd Hunger Games. He was 4 when the first rebellion began, and the rebellion was long. At the age of eight, his little sister, Sally Samerus, was born. He was 11 when is parents went MIA on a mission. The war ended months later. The games were reinstated, and the first new games were called the 80th Games.

Drake was a hard worker and earned respect for it. He owned a shack and basically raised Sally. He was eligible for the 81st Games at 12, but was safe from the reaping. He watched those games, and was sour as soon as he found out how bad the average tribute from 9 was in the hunger games.


Drake was 17 when the 89th Games began. Unfortunately for him, he was reaped. Sally was heartbroken and scared for her brother, but Lucus promised to take care of her while he was in the games.


During the parades, Drake met his District Partner, Delilah. He had a crush on her pretty fast, and she returned the feelings. Drake did good in training, a simple 8. He was deadlier than the average District 9 tribute already, but that didn't make him arrogant like a career.


The BloodbathEdit

Drake was allied with Delilah in the games. They took apart in the bloodbath. Drake reaches the cornucopia first. He grabs a backpack and a machete before running out of the cornucopia. While he looks for Delilah, he is thrown to the ground by the District 7 Male.

Drake is quick to get up on his feet. He digs his machete into the male's abdomen, but that doesn't stop the male. Before the boy from 7 gets his ax ready, Drake finishes him off by stabbing him in the chest. Drake turns to notice Delilah struggling with the District 6 Female.

Delilah almost drowns, but with Drake's help, the two begin to escape. However, Delilah is killed during the escape by Amina, and only Drake escapes with his life.

Through the GamesEdit

Drake wonders around looking for shelter, when he finds a pond in a meadow. He considers it perfect, but is forced to move into the oak forest when a rainstorm pours in.

Drake hides in a tree as soon as the careers show up. He isn't spotted, but he witnesses the District 7 Female get speared by Marvin in a tree. He sleeps in a tree that night, a rough night.

On the fourth day, Drake is chased from his hiding spot into the cornucopia clearing by a thunderstorm. He is chased down by the careers, getting away from them by climbing boulders. However, Matthew strikes him in the side with a throwing ax.

Drake survived to the 5th Day, when he crept upon the sleeping careers, He slit Josh's throat, killing him, but Josh's cannon woke the other careers. Petunia tackles Drake, and the two roll down hill.

Drake is the first to get the upperhand, as he punches Petunia. He gets sliced from behind by the District 5 Male, and he dodges him. Drake finishes off Petunia with a kick to theh head. He dives into a cave when the other careers chase him, and meets the District 6 Female, who he lated finds out to be named Alexandria.

The two poison the career's water supply on the 6th day. Ivory is killed as a result, however Drake loses Alexandria, and cannot find her.

The 7th Day begins with a cannon of a tribute, and Drake hopes it isn't Alexandria. He gets in a fight with the District 11 Female over Drake's bag. After a good hand to hand fight, Drake knocks the girl out, and steals her broadsword, intending to gift it to Alexandria when he finds her.

The 8th Day begins and Drake watches the careers head into a forest fire. He watches Raylee drown before leaving himself.

The 9th Day started with the death of the District 12 Male. An hour later, Drake hears the cries of his ally, Alexandria. He runs towards them, to see Marvin pinning Alexandria down, his spear poised to strike at her heart.

Drake sprints and tackles Marvin. He punches Marvin in the stomach, before bringing his machete down in an arc. However, Marvin catches his arm in midswing. Marvin picks up his spear, but Drake stabs him as he turns around, and Marvin falls over in a pool of his own blood.

Alexandria thanks him and the two are about to leave, when Alexandria shoves Drake out of the way. She is hit in the chest by Marvin's spear. Drake turns, quickly throwing a knife into Marvin's forehead. Marvin dies, and Drake goes to comfort Alexandria. She soon dies from her wounds, and Drake moves on.

Drake attends the feast on the 10th Day. He grabs his bag, but the District 10 Male attacks him. He punches Drake and slams the backpack into his face. Drake falls backwards, just as the boy from 10 draws a steel hunting knife. He prepares to finish Drake off, but Matthew intervenes, distracting the boy.

Drake runs with his bag, taking the District 5 bag from the male's corpse as he runs. He distantly hears the clash going on until it ends with a cannon. Drake's bag had a lot of bread and the District 5 bag had a tazer that could kill.

Drake survived Day 11, and on Day 12 was forced to move into the field. That night, Matthew ambushed Drake. Drake fought Matthew, He threw his spear, striking Matthew's armor. Matthew snapped the spear in half, and engaged in melee combat.

Drake dual wielded his machete and a broadsword. When he blocked on of Matthew's strikes, the broadsword bent, rendering it useless. Matthew stabbed Drake in the femur, removing Drake's mobility advantage.

Drake retaliated by slashing Matthew's face, blinding him. However, Matthew recovered quickly, Matthew shoved Drake down, pinning him. Matthew began to choke Drake. With little air left in him, Drake reached for the tazer, electrocuting and killing Matthew on the spot.

Drake recovered from his fight on Day 13, before night came early after the death of the District 11 Female. He walked to the cornucopia, to finish the games by killing Amina. After she gave a long speech, the fight began.

Knowing he couldn't slash her upper face like Matthew, Drake found out Amina's arms were not protected by the armor. Armed with only a knife, Drake slashes, but Amina dodges, stabbing Drake's abdomen. Drake feigns a slash to Amina's arm, and slashes the bottom half of her face. He slams the butt of his knife into her helmet, the metal bashing against Amina's head, disorientating her vision.

Drake begins slashing her arms, opening an artery in her right hand. She drops her trident, and Drake is about to slit her throat, when the ground lurches forward. The cornucopia begins rising as the 15th Day begins.

Amina's vision recovers, as she rips her helmet off. She is bloodied, tears in her eyes, but she still continues to fight Drake. After stabbing drake with her knife, Amina pins him at the edge. After enraging Drake, Amina is picked up off her feet.

Drake holds her over the edge, ignoring her pleas for mercy. He drops her off the edge, and she falls to her death. Drake emerges, victorious.


Drake saddens as he remembers his two allies, but strives to make District 9 a powerful district for the gams.

Blood in the WaterEdit

Drake appears in the prologue of Blood in the Water, The twist of the 90th Games, giving a speech in the victory tour in District 1. However, peacekeepers interrupt it, and escort him away to interrogate him about the whereabouts of the missing tribute. He isn't seen after the prologue, as the point of view switches from Sally Samerus to Luna Silvius.


  • Drake was the first protagonist of the series.
  • He got odds of 18-1, who soon increased to 12-1.
  • He got a training score of 8, a high score for a District 9 tribute.