District 7 Female
7 Female
Age 14
Occupation Tribute
Home District 7
Gender Female
Height 4'11
Weapon Tomahawk
Fate Deceased
The District 7 Female was the female tribute for District 7 in the 89th Hunger Games. Her district partner was the District 7 Male.


She got a score of 7, a good score for such a small tribute. During training, she allied with the District 3 Female.

The GamesEdit

The BloodbathEdit

She was the smallest tribute in the games, and the swamp was up to her waist. She had trouble wading to the cornucopia. After watching her district partner get killed, she runs the opposite way. She trips over the corpse of the District 6 Male, scraping her knee on something. She finds a tomahawk, and begins to escape. She escapes the bloodbath alive.

The GamesEdit

She regroups with the District 3 Female after the bloodbath. They share water from a bottle the District 3 Female achieved, before walking deeper through the forest. They discover a river with a fallen tree going over it. Neither one of them know how to swim, but they decide to cross the tree. The District 7 Female decides to go first. However, the tree cracks. The female falls in, immediately plunging underwater. She panics, screaming out. Within seconds her lungs are drained of air. She thinks she is going to drown, but at the last second she pulls herself out of the river. She gasps, coughing up a bunch of water, crawling on the shoreline. Her ally is gone, and her coughing and gasping alerted the nearby careers.


The District 7 female scrambles up a tree, shivering from being wet. It isn't long before she is spotted. Marvin throws a spear, hitting the girl in leg. She screams out, before another spear flies through her chest. She dies, Drake witnessing her death in shock and pity. Overall, she placed 15th out of 24.


  • She was the smallest tribute in the games.