"He's handy with a knife and good at camouflage. That's about it."
District 5 Male
5 Male
Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 5
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Weapon Knife, Stealth
Fate Deceased
The District 5 Male was the male from District 5 in the 89th Hunger Games. His district partner was Ivory.


The District 5 Male scored a 6 in training, an okay score for someone of a non career district. His odds were 16-1.

The GamesEdit


The District 5 Male didn't participate in the bloodbath. He got a knife very close to his plate, punching the male from 11 to get it. He ran away with only the knife, surviving the bloodbath.


The District 5 Male attacked Drake after he killed two careers. However, he too was chased away by the pursuing careers. He hasn't been seen much since then.


The District 5 Male attended the feast, grabbing his bag. Matthew snagged him, and the two engaged in combat. Severely outmatched, the District 5 Male fought, but Matthew mutilated the boy with his sword, killing him and leaving a disgusting corpse. He placed 6th out of 24.