District 3 Male
Age 13
Occupation Tribute
Home District 3
Gender Male
Height 5'3
Weapon Dagger
Fate Deceased
Appearances 89th Hunger Games
The District 3 Male was the male tribute from District 3 in the 89th Hunger Games. His district partner was the District 3 Female.


Him and his district partner's scores were left unknown. It is assumed he scored low due to his age and district.

The GamesEdit


The District 3 Male perished in the bloodbath, along with 9 other tributes. In the beginning of the games, he ran for a sleeping bag. He grabbed it but the District 11 Female grabbed it as well. Matthew intervened and shoved the District 3 Male over a crate, before slashing him over and over. Overall, the District 3 Male placed 22nd out of 24.

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