District 3 Female
Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 3
Gender Female
Height 5'5
Weapon Blowgun
Fate Deceased
Appearances 89th Hunger Games
The District 3 Female was the female tribute from District 3 in the 89th Hunger Games. Her district partner was the District 3 Male.


Her and her district partner's scores were left unknown. It is assumed she scored a medium score.

The GamesEdit


She participated in the bloodbath. After escaping from Josh, she grabbed a bag of apples and a canteen of water, before sprinting away before the carnage happened.

The GamesEdit

It is assumed she hid in the forest, as no tribute ever spotted her for 6 days. It is unknown if she allied with anyone, but it's unlikely as her district partner died in the bloodbath. She managed to survive a while, but eventually she was found.


The District 3 Female was killed on the 7th Day. Early in the morning, Raylee found her. Before she could escape, Raylee shot her in the head with a bow, effectively killing her. Overall, she placed 11th out of 24.