"It's the girl from 11, her dark skin blending in with the forest gloom, her black hair tied in a braided bun. Her golden eyes locked in a fearsome position. "
―Drake Samerus[[src]]
District 11 Female
11 Female
Age 15
Occupation Tribute
Home District 11
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Weapon Broadsword, Serrated Sword
Fate Deceased
The District 11 Female was the female from District 11 in the 89th Hunger Games. Her District Partner was the District 11 Male.


Not much is known about her pre-games, other than she receieved a lowly score of 4. She soon proved that a score of 4 was actually very inaccurate.

The GamesEdit

The BloodbathEdit

The District 11 Female particpated in the bloodbath. She ran for the corucopia, grabbing a broadsword off one of the racks. The boy from 6 trapped her in the cornucopia, and cornered her. She charged the boy, shoulder slamming him to the ground. She sliced his knees so he wouldn't be able to get back up, as she look for a bag. She grabs a sleeping bag, but the boy from 3 grasps it as well. The two tug over it, until Matthew tosses the boy from 3 over a crate. The female wins the bag, and begins to run, but the District 12 Male shoves her to the ground, and takes her sleeping bag and runs. Deciding not to risk her life anymore, the District 11 Female flees from the bloodbath with only a broadsword.

The GamesEdit

The District 11 Female stays in the forest, until she sees Drake. Starving, the female approaches Drake and threatens to kill him if he doesn't drop the bag. Drake complies, and when the District 11 Female bends over to pick the bag up, Drake knees her in the face. Before she can react, Drake knocks her out with his fist.

When she awakens, she is found by the careers. They recruit her temporarily as they search for Drake. They order her to stay to guard the cornucopia when they go investigate a fire. While they're gone, she grabs two bags and a serrated sword before running away just as Amina and her allies return.

She attends the feast, grabbing her bag. However, she gains a deep leg wound from Amina, but manages to escape with her life.


The District 11 Female died on the 13th day to unknown causes. Either Amina killed her in combat, she died of her wound attended at the feast, was killed by a falling tree, or drowned in the flooded field. She placed 3rd out of 24.


  • She was the last unnamed tribute to die.