District 10 Female
MyStyle (14)
Age 17
Occupation Tribute
Home District 10
Gender Female
Height 5'7
Weapon Dagger
Fate Deceased
District 10 Female was the district partner of the District 10 male in the 89th Games. Overall, she placed 18th out of 24 tributes.


The District 10 Female got a low training score of 5, doing as awful as any other weak tribute. She scored lower than her district partner, who got a 7. She got odds of 28-1, one of the lowest odds of the games.


The BloodbathEdit

The District 10 Female was killed in the bloodbath. Being one of the first ones at the Cornucopia, she picked up a dagger and a webbed backpack. Having enough supplies, she tried to run away, but was confronted by Raylee and Amina. She swung her dagger at Raylee, but Amina hit her in the stomach with a baton. She rolled backwards in pain, and whilst she fell to the ground Raylee cracked her skull open with a warhammer, effectively killing her. She placed 18th out of 24 tributes.


Nobody really cared that she died, since most of the tributes considered her as a weakling, and knew she wouldn't last long.


  • She outlived Delilah Peters , a protagonist of the series.
  • So far, this girl and Drake Samerus are the only tributes who at some point fought Amina, but didn't get killed by her.