Delilah Peters
Age 16
Occupation Tribute
Home District 9
Gender Female
Height 5'5
Weapon Dagger, Knife
Fate Deceased
Delilah Peters was the district partner of Drake Samerus in the 89th Games. Overall, she placed 20th out of 24 tributes.


Delilah was born the year the 73rd Hunger Games began. She was 3 years old when the first rebellion went on. Not much more is known about her early life.


Delilah was 16 when she was reaped in the 89th Hunger Games. Her family was shocked about her being reaped, and they didn't get to say much when she left. Once in the train rides, she made an alliance with Drake Samerus, her district partner.


Delilah had a crush on Drake, and he returned the feelings. She didn't do good in training, and recieved a lowly score of 5. She was very underconfident, and she didn't do well because of it.


The BloodbathEdit

Delilah was killed in the bloodbath, along with 9 other unfortunate tributes. She ran for a knife while Drake went in. The swampy waters slowed her down, and she ran smack dab into the girl from 6. The two fought, and mud was splashed everywhere.

Delilah's head was forced underwater, and the girl from 6 began drowning her. Delilah almost drowned, but Drake arrived just in time. She begins to escape with Drake, until Amina throws a trident into her back. Delilah dies almost instantly, her corpse landing in the water beside Drake.


Overall, Delilah's death upset Drake deeply. She placed 20th out of 24, doing just about as awful as the average District 9 tribute.


  • She was the first protagonist of the series to die.
  • During training she got odds of 20-1, average odds if placed next to other tributes'.