Bloodbath location

The Cornucopia before the bloodbath

"At the beginning of every games, there is a bloodbath. Many tributes try to secure some supplies from the cornucopia. Tributes begin to fight and kill over supplies. The careers normally due most of the killings, but it isn't uncommon for other tributes to kill each other."
―Common Description[src]
A cornucopia bloodbath takes place at any games where a cornucopia sits in front of the tributes. There have been many.

89th Hunger GamesEdit

9 tributes were killed in the opening bloodbath, the most notable being Delilah Peters of District 9. The chart displays the victims and their killers.

Placing Victim Killer
24th District 12 Female Marvin
23rd District 7 Male Drake
22nd District 3 Male Matthew
21st District 8 Female Petunia
20th Delilah Amina
19th District 6 Male Josh
18th District 10 Female Raylee
17th District 11 Male Matthew
16th District 8 Male Amina


  • Drake was the only non career tribute to get a kill in the Bloodbath.
  • Delilah was the only named death in the bloodbath,
  • The only career to not kill in the bloodbath was Ivory.